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Are the brothers in a position to bring back normalcy to their house. Are they able enough watch online Watch Comedy to solve their particular issues. What happens to the Tiaarjun-Rahul trio. Is the grandfather able to get an ideal 'family photo' he's been striving for. The reply to several more and each one of these questions forms the crux of the narrative. In the fall of 1900, outlaw Claude Barbee sets his 'retirement plan' in activity, attempting to lead his train-robbing gang across Texas to recover a cash stash hidden following a botched railroad heist. 27-year old hit chasing through the way his and biting music business, a world where careers are made and broken by chance and the fickle tastes of the general public. Created by means of an industry that demands success at any cost, Stelfox takes the idea of 'killer melodies' to some murderous new degree in a desperate attempt to salvage his career. Little does he know, this deficiency of gay spirit has unleashed the wrath of Krampus: a demonic force of early evil intention on penalizing non-believers. All hell breaks loose as cherished holiday images take on a gigantic life in their own, driving them to fight for every single other if they desire to survive and laying siege to the fractured family's house. Nearly instantly, a palpable unease permeates the air, one which only grows as Krisha in force gets to work cooking the turkey and attempting to make up for lost time by catching up with her various relatives, chief among them Trey, her nephew. As the attempts at reconciliation of Krisha become increasingly rebuffed, suspicion and tension reach their peak, with long-buried secrets and deep-seated resentments coming to the fore as everyone becomes immersed within an emotionally charged reckoning that is inherited.